Sunday, May 20, 2012

Baphomet Evisceration: Baphomet Evisceration EP

Band : Baphomet Evisceration
Album: Baphomet Evisceration EP
Rating: 7/10
Genre: Noisecore
     This is the third time I've revised this review. The problem with my past 2 reviews was the fact that I had little to no knowledge of the noise genre when I tried to rate them. I have since gained a better understanding of it, and I've even become the drummer for a noisecore project. This should be a much more fair review.
     Baphomet Evisceration was a small project by Broc Toney (Eternal Mystery, Rehumanize, Harvester of Souls, etc) and Mikel Kennedy. Not much else can be said about the band's history, since they only had a myspace and only made this one album.
     The album is exactly what you'd expect from a Broc Toney project. Fast, repetitive, programmed drums. You'll hear plenty of cymbal work. The guitar work is pretty similar to Broc's other projects, except this time we've go a lot of extra distortion. It actually suits it well. Some of the riffs actually end up sounding pretty sweet.
    The part of the album that makes it actual noisecore are the vocals. Most of the time, you're graced with deep, pitch-shifted gurgles. Turn up your bass for this one, because Mikel could get really deep. There are a few parts where I question whether or not they used a shower drain as a guest vocalist.
     Speaking of guest vocalists, Fillipe Diez (Northern Ash, Rehumanize, Encryptor) has a part in the album's last track; and does a pretty sweet job at it.
     This album is pretty enjoyable. It clocks at about 14 minutes. It feels to be just about that length. Anyone looking for some basic noise (without the insane distortion some noise bands bring) will find something listenable here. If you can't handle the weird stuff though, I say you turn away from this one and try to aim for one of the later Eternal Mystery projects.