Sunday, May 20, 2012

Notes to Vistors

First, I would like to thank you for visiting my blog. For the longest time I thought "I don't wanna be considered an obsessed "blogger" that says "omigosh lol rofl" type of person that makes you want to stomp kittens in distress". Then, I realized that I could use a blog for 2 awesome purposes. That purpose is to spread the love of Jesus Christ through music. There are some really awesome people out there who've made some really great music for the sake of spreading the word of God. The problem is, many people will look at a band and say "oh, it's a christian band. It's automatically going to sound terrible and generic, like the stuff on the radio". While there are many bands that are generic and repetitive(such as Impending Doom, In the Midst of Lions, etc), there are some bands that are unique, or at least show enough uniquity and creativity in their music to worth listening to. This blog will mainly consist of reviews and such for numerous albums that you probably haven't heard of!
The other main purpose of this album is to show those that are already Christians that they can find some really awesome music that glorifies God. I enjoy praising my lord and savior, and I enjoy poetry about living a life as a christian. Its those two kinds of things that you will find in the music that I post on this blog. So please, metal fans, whether you are a christian, or whether you are not a christian, try listening to some of these bands. I've even got the music classified by genre, so the Grindcore lovers will get their short songs and blast beats, and the metalcore/deathcore fans will get their breakdowns. And also please note that by creating this blog, I am not making a stand against secular music. I just have a preference for the lyrical content that true christian bands use, and I'd like to share it with others.