Thursday, March 31, 2016

 First Impressions Review

Band: Crimson Moonlight
Album: Divine Darkness
Genre: Blacked Death Metal
Year Released: 2016
 Disclaimer! (This is my first attempt at a first impressions review, so bare with me)

     Crimson Moonlight is a band I've always had a strange relationship with. I know they have very solid content, I've just never spent a great deal of time listening to them. I've found Veil of Remembrance playing in my car several times, but nothing past that one album. So, I'll try to give this review as someone who's only somewhat familiar with Crimson Moonlight.
     To start with, this is Crimson Moonlight's first full-length album in 12 years, and their first album at all in 7 years. I had no idea that they were even still still around, so seeing that they were releasing a new album was a pleasant surprise. It's become a trend to see old bands come back and release new material (One Bad Pig is one that comes to mind). Unfortunately, unlike the albums of many bands that have come back, this one failed to impress. Let me explain.
    First and foremost, this album suffers from most of the tracks sounding the same. It's really had to tell when some tracks end and others begin. Another issue the album has is speed, or; or more precisely, an excess of it. I've never doubted Crimson Moonlight's ability to provide speed. And it's not that I don't appreciate the speed. It's just that it never stops. The insane speed eventually just becomes one droning noise that very few peaks. A few breaks or change-ups would be nice.
     With all this being said, I still enjoy the album and highly recommend it for any Crimson Moonlight fan. If you're new to Crimson Moonlight though, I'd recommend you give Veil of Remembrance a list.