Thursday, August 9, 2012

Eternal Mystery: Brusied for Our Transgressions

Band: Eternal Mystery
Album: Bruised for Our Transgressions
Genre: Grindcore
Rating 8/10
This was the pinnacle of eternal mystery's "gurgle vocals" albums. This was also eternal mystery's last album featuring it's original vocalist and bassist. But enough about the history. Let's talk about the music. Broc Toney has always been an excellent guitarist here, and this album was no exception. The sound quality is much much cleaner in this album, in comparison to their first three. And the strange brutality rears is head from the first track to the last. The lyrics are much like they were for C.A.H and B.A.P.H. No real improvements were made there. One of the greatest things about this album was the length. Eternal Mystery really pushed it here. 31 tracks including another Vomitorial Corpulence cover. One special note I would like to make is that this is the LAST ExMx album to feature the higher pitched Gollumn type voices. Any fan of Eternal Mystery's old stuff should DEFINITELY check this one out.