Thursday, November 1, 2012

Harvester of Souls: The Seperation of Wheat from Chaff

Band: Harvester of Souls
Album: The Seperation of Wheat from Chaff
Genre: Black Metal (with doom influences)
Rating: 7/10
Back in 2006, just around the time Eternal Mystery was getting started, Broc Toney started a small gothic Black Metal project known as "Harvester of Souls". He released a demo titled "Demo 2006". To be blunt, it wasn't very all. The sound quality was terrible and the vocals weren't very good. It did have good instrumentation. (Side note, if you ever find a copy of this demo, hold on to it. they are extremely rare, I was very fortunate to run across one). On to the album. This is definitely not your run-of-the-mill black metal. This is also not your run of the mill doom metal either. Harvester of souls took on a very interesting approach. What you end up with is a strange fusion. The guitars and vocals pertain very much to black metal. The speed and progression of the songs have a very great doom influence. What is strange about this album are the drums. Drum work isn't always too important in black metal. What you have here, however, is a usage of some strange, super fast drumming,  the same kind broc used in almost ever Eternal Mystery album. But don't let this drumming turn you away. The Seperation of Wheat from Chaff is a great album. Definitely buy this one if you can find a physical copy.