Thursday, April 3, 2014

 Note: When I started this blog, the intention was just to bring great metal. I've had some small changes in my favorite genres. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE metal a lot, but I'd also like to post some great rock too.
Band: Under Midnight
Album: Under Midnight
Genre: Industrial Rock (With some cyber influence)
Rating: 8/10
     Under Midnight was a tough band to dig up information on. I'd never even heard of the band until a friend at my church gave me an old cassette tape of this very album. I was certainly NOT disappointed. The christian music industry has always been lacking in the industrial rock genre, with today being no exception. Many bands people have considered to be christian bands in this genre were just bands with one or two members that were christians. Others just made a mention to God or something. I was happy when I found out that these guys were legit.
    The album starts out with some fake newscasts and various "cyber sounds". You're then introduced to some pretty solid work. Every bit of this is what old-school industrial was. Distorted vocals and guitars, and very solid drum work. The lyrics are pretty good too. I've only read them through once or twice, but I enjoyed what I read.
    The rest of the album is pretty solid. Many of the songs have introductory sound clips, none of which feel out of place. If you can find this album, I'd highly recommend you pick it up. If you're a true hipster, try finding the cassette.